Our Mission...

Is to equip the church to be activated in evangelism, live by faith and to reach the lost.


About Wade and Christ's Reward


Wade gave his life to Jesus when he was 17 years old. Shortly afterwards, he felt a call to ministry, as well as a call to the education field with the intention to teach Mathematics.


In 2011...

Wade graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Dallas Baptist University. He taught Math for 3 years in North Dallas.

As he was teaching at a public school, Wade was publicly praying for the students and teachers. God was moving powerfully in the school. During 2012 – 2013, Wade and Hannah were training and leading evangelism teams to downtown Dallas from their church, Upper Room. Wade and Hannah married in 2014.

After teaching, Wade began working for Time to Revive in 2016. TTR is an organization that focuses on unifying The Church in America, by practically equipping and sending out teams to share the Gospel into their communities. As Wade has worked with TTR, he started to sense to leave and start his own ministry called Christ’s Reward which begin August 1st of 2021.

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